What is iPaaS

Integration is one of the biggest challenges facing ecommerce retailers. To meet the growing need for secure, reliable and efficient cloud integration solutions, we offer an iPaaS (Integration platform as a service) known as Mothercloud.

Our iPaaS enables us to connect almost any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple businesses. Supporting real-time integration, it scales to meet the high volume demands of multi-channel retailers looking to eliminate manual data management.

iPaaS enables the efficient development of connecting networks, supporting processes and information flows amongst cloud-based systems.

Why iPaaS?

As with all things in the cloud, iPaaS has gained in popularity due to its flexibility and almost infinite scalability. Featured in Gartner’s Cloud Computing Stack, there have been several research publications including ‘Gartner Reference Model of Integration PaaS’ which only goes to further illustrate its growing popularity.

What are the benefits of iPaas?

In an increasingly competitive sector, ecommerce & B2B businesses need to take advantage of the speed, agility and economics offered by the cloud. This increasingly critical need has paved the way for purpose built iPaaS service that help companies handle the integration requirements of today’s business environment, future-proof their integration solutions and increase the value of their IT investments.

We see that iPaaS customers will quickly realise the significant cost and speed-of-implementation benefits which go on to help drive return on investment, faster time-to-value and increased business success.

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